Reiki Training

Learn to use Reiki on yourself, friends and family

You can use Reiki to relax, sleep better, or as a first-aid tool to help you relieve your own pain or help those you care about. I teach Reiki in small, friendly groups on both weekdays and weekends. Classes include no more than four students at any one time. Courses include training manuals, an introduction to self-healing Qi Gong exercises (similar to Tai Chi), and ongoing Reiki support groups.

First Degree Training

You will learn how to use Reiki on yourself, friends and family during this one-day introductory course, follow-up session and exchange group. Cost £80.

Second Degree Training

You will learn to further develop your skills, learn more techniques and offer your skills in return for payment. This three-day course is spread over a period of weeks to allow you to practice in between sessions. Cost £160.

Master Training

After having completed master training, you will be able to teach Reiki, be a certified Reiki Master and receive ongoing support. Call for further details.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong (often called Chi Kung) involves various body postures and exercises. It is a form of self-healing, which you may have experienced if you have ever attended a Tai Chi class.

Qi Gong exercises can help rebalance your body’s energy, reduce stress and tension, and help eliminate toxins from the system. Certain exercises support the abdominal area, easing symptoms. Other exercises work on balancing the energy of the liver, spleen, kidneys and heart, helping to harmonize the hormones and internal energies, reducing unpleasant symptoms, and helping to calm both mind and body.

Doing a few simple Qi Gong exercises before given Reiki can be an easy way of tuning into Reiki. It will help you to feel the energy, or Ki, flowing through your hands. It can also help ground and focus you as part of your preparation into the healing process.