About Sarah

Sarah KibbleSarah Kibble

DipS, I.I.H.H.T, I.I.S.T , Reiki Master, Shiatsu Society member (MRSS)

I studied a three-year Shiatsu diploma with the Shiatsu College in Bristol, and am a registered Shiatsu Society practitioner.

I have studied Usui Reiki to Master level and beyond with teachers in England and India. I have also trained in other forms of bodywork: Thai, Swedish and Holistic massage, and practice yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.


I was drawn to holistic therapies for the first time while living in Thailand in the mid-90s. If I’d been in England I might not have been drawn to the idea of having a body treatment to help maintain my health, but in Thailand it was quite normal. I realized how much better it made me feel.

After returning to England I trained in Reiki because I felt I needed something to level out my then stressful office job.

Reiki’s great because it boosts the immune system and helps relax and de-stress you. It helped recharge my batteries after long days in the office and I started giving treatments to friends and family if they had a bad back or a headache.

I later trained in Shiatsu and gave up my journalist career to focus on helping people get well and stay well. The course gave me an understanding of many common illnesses. Sometimes we might hear people say they’re suffering from a particular complaint, but we often don’t fully understand how it actually affects the body. I’m also more aware that emotional issues can affect our physical state.