Aid your well-being


Shiatsu can aid a wide range of physical and emotional conditions; from specific physical injuries to emotional difficulties. Based on the same system as Acupuncture, Shiatsu uses touch, acupressure, massage and gentle manipulation techniques to help speed up the body’s natural healing process. These techniques can help release tension, adjust your body’s physical structure, help ward off illness, promote sleep and maintain well-being.


Reiki is a form of hands-on healing. It is an excellent treatment for stress-related symptoms, emotional problems and promotes sleep and relaxation. Reiki means “life-force energy” in Japanese and involves a serious of hand positions on, or slightly off, your body and to encourage your body to use its own energy to heal itself.

Receiving treatment

Treatments take place on a futon mattress or massage couch at Milsom Street Clinic, 28 Milsom Street or at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, and cost £45.

Treatments are tailored to your needs. Please wear loose, warm clothing and comfortable trousers.